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Motus means movement, helping people move through providing premium physiotherapy services.

Movement forward for our clinicians and clinics is also a fundamental aim of our Network. By being a larger organisation, we want to foster growth and are able to pay for time spent in clinical and management roles.

If business ownership is in your sights, then we have developed a business skills training programme and can help establish our clinicians into a Motus site. This will enable you to benefit from our experience and systems, so your clinic is profitable from the start. Physiotherapy has been seen as a profession where the salary ceiling is reached quickly and opportunities are limited, but we are changing that.

Clinical focus positions

  • Mentoring
  • Clinical education provider/ coordinator
  • Advanced practitioner

Managerial positions

  • Site manager
  • ACC and contract management
  • Private alliance and relationship manager

Business positions

  • Business and financial education program
  • Formal mentoring program with the goal of practise ownership
  • Helping integrate joining practises into the Motus Network