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Motus Health Conference 2016

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Motus Health Conference

All Motus Health clinics and Affiliate clinics will be closed on the afternoon of Thursday 29 September 2016

At Motus Health we believe that keeping our staff up to date with the latest advances in physiotherapy ensure we can offer you consistent quality healthcare that can be relied on.    To help our staff to continue to achieve this we have organised the inaugural Motus Health Conference.  


This year we are lucky to have a number of external speakers on our program:

Mr David Whitehead 

A local orthopaedic surgeon, from The Hip and Knee Clinic, who specialises in hip and knee surgery.  David will be speaking on ACL surgery of the knee and the latest rehabilitation guidelines.

Dr Leanne Parker

A local rehabilitation physician based at Australis Medical will be updating us on the latest advances in treating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.


Moana has worked extensively in Maori Health development in Canterbury.  Moana will be exploring contemporary Maori Health from a Ngai Tahu perspective.


We will also be hearing from some of our own Motus physiotherapists with:

Tamsin Chittock

Providing an insight into her Olympic Experience as the physiotherapist for Kayak New Zealand, who had a very successful campaign, culminating with two medals to Lisa Carrington.

Karla Poyner

Karla will be exposing our team to a different skill set.  Karla has post graduate qualifications in Vestibular Rehabilitation and will be exploring how this can help some of our patients.


The Conference will conclude with a number of short Case Studies from a number of our staff to stimulate some interesting discussion.

All clinics will reopen Friday morning with clinical staff stimulated from there day of learning, ready to bring this new knowledge to your treatment.



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