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Motus Health Expands Physiotherapy Network

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Motus Health Expands Physiotherapy Network


Eastcare Physiotherapy

Motus Health is excited to announce the recent purchase of Eastcare Physiotherapy, located in the heart of Aranui on the eastern side of Christchurch.  Eastcare Physiotherapy has been a valued part of the Aranui community since 1993, with strong links to a number of sporting clubs and local community groups including; Aranui High School, New Brighton Rugby, Linwood Rugby, and Linwood Rugby League.  We look forward to continuing to build on these strong bonds with the local community.


A Growing Network

The recent inclusion of Eastcare Physiotherapy in to the Motus Health Network, along with the opening of Motus Ashburton, means you can now access a local Motus Health clinic throughout most of the Canterbury region.  With eight clinics spread across Canterbury from Amberley to Timaru, there is a Motus Health clinic near you.  Our network includes a number of affiliate clinics, including Sportsmed, situated in a handy central Christchurch location.  Sportsmed is the preeminent Sports medicine clinic in Canterbury. The Motus Health Network has access to specialist physiotherapists, specialist doctors, podiatrists, coaches, trainers, dietitians and massage therapists that Motus clinicians will collaborate with to ensure you receive the best possible care.


Why Motus Health?

The vision of the Motus Health Network is “helping New Zealand live active”.  When your come to a Motus Health clinic, the expectation is that you will leave with a clear understanding of your injury or issue and a roadmap to recovery which will outline timeframes, types of treatments or interventions and have key markers along the way to ensure everything is on track. Exercise is a key part of the Motus strategy and all Motus clinics have either an onsite gym or access to a commercial gym close by.

The mission of the Motus group is to build a network of clinics across New Zealand. In order to do this Motus needs others to come on the journey. The introduction of the Motus new graduate program and Motus management program will enable the team to grow with the company, ensuring consistency of care and values.  Find out more about the Motus Graduate Programme here.

Our core promise to you is to provide consistent and quality service throughout our network that can be relied upon.


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