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Top Three Hints If You're Training for Next Years Coast to Coast

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1. Book in and get your grade 2 kayak certificate early

Having your grade 2 certificate done early will ensure that you start your training with the right paddle technique and gear. For those based in Mid Canterbury join the Ashburton Kayak club for there race nights on a Tuesday.


2. Join your local cycle club and practice bunch riding

If you are signed up for the 2 day coast to coast then you spend a lot of the cycle legs riding in a bunch. Bunch riding is great as you can normally go faster with less energy used, however if you haven’t done it before it can be quite scary. For those of you located in the mid Canterbury region I would recommend the Tinwald Cycle Club. The Tinwald club run two races, one on a Wednesday night and the other Sunday afternoon, and the are more than willing to give advice.

3. Performing a strengthening program 1-2x weekly

Training for the coast to coast can be hard on the body with the hours spent paddling, running on uneven ground and biking; this unfortunately means injuries can occur. The best way to decrease your risk of injury is to ensure you add in specific strengthening exercises within your training. To get some help around which exercises may be best for you book in to see your local physiotherapist.

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Author: Bridget Sheed, Physiotherapist


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