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Your Care Plan Explained – How your Physiotherapist Can Guide you through the Rehabilitation Process

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At Motus Health, we pride ourselves on the consistent quality and personalised care that we offer our patients. As part of your rehabilitation journey your Motus Physiotherapist will discuss with you all the important elements that are involved for you to get back to what you enjoy doing most, whether it may be cycling, walking or just enjoying playing with the kids.


Your Care Plan

 As part of the personalised care that we offer, we will discuss with you the plan for your treatment, and help you to set goals that are achievable within the timeframes of your injury. We will set out a clear diagnosis for you and give you the time to express your needs and make sure you feel informed and actively involved in your journey back to being fully active.


Helping New Zealand Live Active

As part of helping you Live Active, we will map out a treatment plan with identified time frames, so that you know exactly where you are in the rehabilitation process and when you can start getting back to doing the things that you love. Your Motus Physiotherapist will outline the treatments that are appropriate for each stage of your journey which might include:


Keeping you informed and involved

Communication with you, the patient, is paramount to getting you back to being active as quick as possible. We will put all our discussions into your Care Plan Folder so that you have a reference that you can easily refer to during your time with us. This allows you to feel informed and involved in the process, and you can refer to where you are in the pathway, that has been set out clearly by your Physiotherapist.


Working together for Optimal Wellness

Setting out your Care Plan with your Motus Physiotherapist will allow us to work together to get the best outcome possible for you. It will also allow you to feel informed and involved and will be a great reference for you in your rehabilitation journey.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Craig Calcott works from Motus Amberley and Sportsmed Bealey.   Craig is currently on our Management Program gaining experience as the Business Manager for Motus Amberley.  Craig has been leading the group with the implementation of our Care Plan, offering you consistent quality and personalised health care that can be relied on.

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