Do you need a physiotherapist?

At Motus Health we recognise that no two clients are the same, so all our physiotherapists are trained to work with you to create an individualised treatment plan that addresses your injury and your goals. This will take you from treating the initial injury and pain, moving through to regaining function, then on to prevention and optimising your active lifestyle.

All Motus physiotherapists have a strong emphasis on rehabilitation, which will help you build a stronger, fitter and more flexible body.  All our clinics have access to a gym to make the transition from hands-on treatment to strengthening and fitness. We believe you should come out of the rehabilitation phase in a better place than before you were injured. 


What is the benefit of choosing Motus Health?

Personalised Healthcare –  We work with you to design and implement a rehabilitation program that is tailored to you and your needs

High Quality Care – We strive to constantly offer you the best service available. At Motus we ensure all our physiotherapists are continually updating their skills through our clinical education program.

We know the right people – As well as our network of advanced physiotherapists we also have access to numerous specialist including sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, pain specialists and rehabilitation physicians.  Through this network we can ensure you are seeing the right people at the right time.


What happens in a Physiotherapy appointment?

  • The physiotherapist will take a thorough history from you about what the main issues are and how they occurred.
  • A physical examination will help to inform the physiotherapist of a differential diagnosis. This may include watching you run, jump or lift objects depending on your complaint.
  • We utilise real time video to provide feedback and show you what may be happening when you perform certain activities.
  • The Physio may want to refer you for an X-ray or ultra sound scan if clinically applicable.
  • At the end of the consultation you will be informed of the most likely diagnosis, the treatment options, timeframes and how many physio treatments it may take to have you back up and going again.


How long will the appointment be?

Appointment times vary depending on the complexity of your injury or management. We are committed to providing flexible appointment times and allowing enough time to fully explain your condition, outline treatment plans and provide treatment.

If you believe you have a complex injury, or more than one injury please inform the reception team when making your initial appointment and appropriate appointment times will be booked.


 Can I get ACC?

  • Yes -  ACC is available for physio appointments just mention this when you make your booking.
  • You can access our physiotherapists directly ( ie without a referral from your GP) for private and ACC injuries.
  • We can fill out the ACC forms and lodge them with ACC


Is there any paperwork I need to fill in?

Yes -  At your first appointment we would ask you to come in 10 minutes earlier to fill out the appropriate paper work.


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