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Post Surgery Rehabilitation

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Are you about to go under the knife?  Shoulder surgery? ACL reconstruction?  Hip replacement?

At Motus Lincoln we take pride in offering comprehensive rehabilitation following any orthopaedic surgery.  Our physiotherapists have many years of experience assisting people with their recovery post surgery.  You would be hard pressed to find an orthopaedic surgery our team hasn’t had experience with.

We can assist you from the early recovery phase; reducing pain and swelling, teaching crutch walking, and showing you early rehabilitation exercises; progressing you back to the level of activity you require, be that day to day life or high level sport.  We are able to personalise the rehabilitation process to your needs.  Many surgeries can be rehabilitated at home using basic equipment and exercises.  Other surgeries can require a period of gym based rehabilitation.  We have a great relationship with the Lincoln University Recreation centre and can meet you there to take you through your rehabilitation program and continue to monitor and progress you through the stages of rehabilitation.   At Motus Lincoln we have access to hydrotherapy utilising the warm pool at the Selwyn Aquatic centre, Rolleston.  Hydrotherapy is a great way to get moving especially if you are unable to weight bear through your leg for a time post surgery.  Just remember to ensure you are not at risk of infection (wounds healed) prior to starting any hydrotherapy.

Keen To Get Back To Sport? 

Our physiotherapists have the advanced knowledge to guide you through late stage rehabilitation to regain the function you need for sport.  Whether it be implementing a running program, a jumping program or a throwing program, we can assist you right the way through to a sustained, safe return to sport.

Need To Get Back To Work ASAP? 

Our physiotherapists are trained in occupational health physiotherapy, and can help you to plan your safe return to work.  Motus Lincoln has contracts with ACC to help plan and deliver your return to work if you are currently off work due to your surgery/injury.  If you believe you can access this program please discuss it with your Motus physiotherapist and your case manager.

Joint Replacement?

Are you about to undergo hip, knee, ankle or shoulder joint replacement.  Motus physiotherapists are trained in the appropriate rehabilitation of these common joint replacements.  We can teach you the best exercises to assist your recovery including the use of an exercycle, hydrotherapy and even introduce you to some local exercise classes.

What About Prior To Surgery?

Evidence shows that the fitter, stronger and healthier you are pre-surgery the easier your recovery post surgery.  If you know you are requiring surgery it is still a good idea to have an assessment with a Motus physiotherapist.  During this assessment the physio will be able to take some baseline measure so we know where you were pre surgery.  We can also assist you with appropriate exercises to improve your strength and function around the affected area to ensure you go into surgery in the best possible condition.  Often you will be surprised with how much you can still do with an injured limb.  We regularly have pre surgery patients completing sessions in the gym leading up to their surgery.


At Motus Lincoln we are passionate about helping you to achieve the best outcome post your orthopaedic surgery.   Advise your orthopaedic surgeon that you would like to complete your rehabilitation with Motus Lincoln.  They will guide you as to when it appropriate to start physiotherapy post surgery, and supply you with a referral letter.  If your surgeon doesn’t offer this advice, please call the clinic and one of our team will be able to advise you as to when it is appropriate to start rehabilitation.  

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